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Laser cutting

Komo Metform Engineering provides metal laser cutting and other steel laser cutting services for the following materials:

  • Mild steel laser cutting (up to 20 mm thick)
  • Laser cutting stainless steel (up to 10 mm thick)
  • Laser cutting aluminium (up to 10 mm thick)
  • Tool and high carbon steels
  • Timber products
  • Plastics
  • Acrylic
  • Polycarbonate.

Our plasma cutting service also involves metal beveling, done using our bevel head weld prep high-definition plasma cutting machine – able to bevel steel up to 65 mm thick, as wide as 5.2 metres wide and measuring as long as 28 metres.

The possibilities are almost endless with our Australian-made machine, and its use can often eliminate post-cutting processes.

Contact us for any queries you may have about our plasma cutting service including metal beveling, as well as any further custom metal fabrication services such as laser cutting, guillotining for both medium and heavy-gauge metal, and bending with our state-of-the-art Melbourne metal press brakes.