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Sheet metal bending in Melbourne

December 17 2014

“Bending” is the process where a force is applied to a sheet of metal to force it to bend or be “deformed” into a desired shape. These shapes can be as simple or as complex as is needed to create the required end-product and the bend can be quite small or up to three metres in length.

Sheet metal bending is carried out by a press brake, also known as a brake press. This machine creates predetermined bends when the sheet metal is clamped into the brake press with two C-frames forming the side of the brake. Hydraulic presses are the most common type of press brake and advanced computerisation lends a great deal of accuracy and control to the machines.

Komo Metform Engineering provide cost-effective and extremely accurate sheet metal bending services for businesses in and throughout Melbourne. Contact Komo Metform to discuss your sheet metal bending requirements in Melbourne.