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Our enormous Melbourne metal brake press

October 1 2014 Metal press brake in Melbourne

Komo Metform Engineering is proud to showcase one of our enormous press brakes. Australian-made, this magnificent machine is capable of forming products in one full length to our customers’ specifications, which eliminates the need for weld joints. This also eliminates the need for weld testing to comply with Australian Standards, saving time and money and providing a higher standard of product to the end user.

Also, this machine is able to operate as two separate 6.1 metre x 1000 tonne presses, which enables productivity to double and regularly saves up to 30 percent on lead-time requests provided in quantities.

Komo Metform Engineering also has one of the only metal brake presses located in Melbourne with the capacity to form up to 32 mm plate at a length of 12.2 metres.

How does a press brake work? Also known as a brake press, this machine is a tool for bending sheet and plate material, most commonly sheet metal. It forms predetermined bends by clamping the work piece between a matching punch and die.

Our press brake operators have extensive experience in operating these massive machines. They are well trained and take part in regular training updates on the proper use of our press brakes. The goal of the operator is not only to make good parts but also to keep setup time to a minimum. This is because time spent in setup is not time spent making parts, and as such we ensure that safely reducing setup time is a key performance indicator for each operator. This is where our operators’ expertise can also come into play, and it is their knowledge and ability to setup and operate the machinery in the most time effective way that will save time and therefore money for our clients.