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Komo Metform Engineering

At Komo Metform Engineering we pride ourselves on our ability to achieve accurate cutting and forming outcomes for our clients. Our capability in cutting and forming enables our clients to fit and weld our finished parts without the high levels of manipulation and reworking that can so often be required where an inferior cutting process has been used. Our attention to detail also creates a cost-effective and high-quality outcome.

Initially providing contract engineering fabrication, Komo Metform Engineering progressed to industry requests for quality steel processing, cutting and folding. This progression has seen Komo Metform Engineering invest in an extensive range of equipment that provides all aspects of cutting and folding of all steel grades, in particular the heavier thicknesses. All our machines are Australian-made and we proudly support Australian industry.

Our hands-on approach to your requirements enables us to develop the tools, fixtures and gauges to meet your individual needs.

With more than 30 years’ experience in the plate forming industry, our services include metal brake press, plasma cutting medium-gauge steel, plasma cutting heavy-gauge steel, metal laser cutting, medium-gauge metal guillotining, heavy-gauge metal guillotining, metal rolling services, and custom metal fabrication.

Our clients include businesses in the infrastructure, mining, transport, waste, manufacturer, steel fabricator and general engineering industries, and we have reliably and consistently met the needs of these commercial businesses over many years.

Komo Metform Engineering offers the highest standards in quality, workmanship, service, cost and time management. Contact us today and speak to us about your Melbourne custom metal fabrication requirements and any other cutting and forming needs.

Komo Metform Engineering is an established business with over 30 years experience in the plate forming industry.

We are regarded as the "one-stop shop" for all your sheet processing needs.

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